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property division in divorce in oregon

Eugene Property Division in Divorce

Property Division in Divorce in Oregon

When divorce becomes necessary, it is inevitable that the marital property will need to be divided. Robert Naslund will advise individuals and families during dissolution proceedings, with a number of, sometimes, difficult issues concerning property division in divorce in Oregon. This process can become extremely difficult -- especially when business assets and properties are involved. Except in rare occasions when neither you nor your spouse desire to retain any of your marital property, the assistance of a Eugene divorce attorney can be extremely helpful and sometimes invaluable.

While it is ideal for both parties to come to an agreement as to how to divide their marital property, if an agreement is not possible, we can help straighten things out legally.

In situations involving property division in divorce in Oregon, it is often essential that you have a divorce attorney to help protect your best interest and what is rightfully yours -- especially with issues such as pre-marital assets; inherited assets and businesses.

If couples are unable to reach an agreement regarding division of their marital property and even with the assistance of their attorneys, the case may need to proceed to court. Having an experienced Eugene Attorney assist you in navigating the legal and Court procedure is quite often, very necessary.

Eugene Property Division Attorney

Don’t risk losing the assets you brought into your marriage; accumulated during the marriage or the business you have worked hard to establish, by not seeking legal representation. Robert Naslund knows how to handle your case in order to preserve what you have worked so hard to accumulate.

For help with property division in divorce in Oregon, contact Eugene attorneys office Robert Naslund today!

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