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Legal Separation in Oregon

Robert Naslund, Eugene attorney, offers advice and provides representation to parties seeking legal separation in Oregon and throughout the Lane County.

If parties desire to live apart permanently, but do not wish to divorced, they may file for a “Legal Separation". With a Legal Separation, they will remain legally married, while they have separate homes and make arrangements for division of certain property and indebtedness. Support of both parties and their children can also be ordered through a Legal Separation action.

Eugene Legal Separation Attorney

By seeking a Legal Separation, rather than informally living apart, couples may need to clearly define their rights and responsibilities while they remain married including Court-Ordered support awards and parenting time agreements, together with determination of property division, debt assumption, retirement and insurance benefits.

A Legal Separation action can also be converted to a Dissolution of the parties’ marriage, upon the request of one or both parties, under certain circumstances in the future.

If Divorce is not right for you, but you wish to clearly define your separation to your spouse, you may contact an attorney to learn about this procedure. Robert Naslund will provide you with your options and prepare the necessary documents to begin this Court procedure.

For more information about legal separation in Oregon, contact Robert Naslund.

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