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Eugene Visitation Lawyer

You and your child(ren) need court-ordered parenting time (visitation)?

All parents have the right to have a meaningful relationship with the children, unless there is a formal court ruling prohibiting a parent from doing so.

If you wish to establish or are being denied your court ordered time with your child; or if untrue allegations have been made denying your parenting rights, we can help. If the other parent is refusing to let you see your child; giving you only supervised parenting; significantly delaying you from spending time with your children or not following the Court-Ordered parenting time, legal action may be necessary.

During Divorce, Legal Separation and Paternity proceedings, each party’s right for custody and parenting time will be ordered.

Once a determination of sole or joint custody is made, a parenting plan will be established for the non-custodial parent specifically outlining their rights and responsibilities concerning the child. Parenting plans traditionally include weekday, weekend and holiday time with the child(ren), as well as establishing rights to communicate via telephone, written or electronic correspondence.

Parenting plans are established to thoroughly outline each parent’s rights, responsibilities and time with their child. When these plans are incorporated into an Order of the Court, they are enforceable by legal action.

Unfortunately, after an award of legal custody or parenting rights, some parents deny or ignore the other parent their time with the child making legal action necessary.

Eugene Visitation Lawyer

If you are experiencing problems with your custody and parenting time plans, experienced Eugene attorney Robert Naslund can assist with their reputable and trusted Eugene Attorneys. We help clients throughout the Lane County, Oregon area and will work to resolve your parenting and custody issues to the best interest of your child.

If you are having trouble or problems with parenting time, contact Robert Naslund, Visitation lawyer in Eugene.

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