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Eugene Spousal Support

If you are contemplating dissolving your marriage, the issue of spousal support, whether to be paid to you or that you may owe to your spouse, can be of great importance.

Eugene Spousal support is an amount of money paid by one spouse to the other, usually in a monthly amount for a specified period of time. Not everyone proceeding through a divorce is entitled to receive spousal support (or alimony as it is called in other states) and you should seek legal advice as to whether you may be entitled to receive such support or required to pay it.

Spousal support Oregon is not appropriate in every situation. There is no set method for determining spousal support – as there is with child support. The Courts will consider numerous factors in their determination including the length of your marriage / relationship; one party’s need for financial support; the ability of the other spouse to pay support and the education of the parties.

In Oregon, there are three main categories of support: transitional; compensatory and maintenance. Eugene spousal support is most often taxable to the recipient and deductible by the payor.
Permanent Spousal support may be ordered in the following situations:

  • Long-Term Marriages
  • If one spouse has the ability to earn substantially more than the other over a long term
  • If one spouse worked to ensure that the other finished schooling; or
  • One party maintained the home and cared for the children while the other was able to advance in their career.

Spousal support may be changed or eliminated in the future if there is a substantial change in the financial circumstances of the parties.

Eugene Spousal Support Lawyer

If you are in need of spousal support, or if your spouse is seeking to obtain spousal support from you, Robert Naslund, Eugene Attorneys, will work hard to get you what you deserve.

If you have spent years maintaining the family home; caring for your children or assisting your spouse in obtaining an education or through advancement working in the home; and now you have a lack of job experience, a skilled divorce lawyer can help prove the necessity of spousal support in your case. Or, if your spouse is seeking support from you that you have no ability to pay, we can help.

For help with spousal support Oregon issues, contact Robert Naslund.

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