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Lawyer Handling Family Law Modifications & Show Cause Orders in Eugene

After a Judgment of Dissolution; Legal Separation or Paternity is entered, later issues may arise which require a modification of the original order.

Eugene Modification Lawyer

Robert Naslund can assist you with the following types of modifications (also known as Show Cause Orders) in Eugene and the surrounding Lane County area:

  • Modification and termination of the amount and duration of Spousal Support
  • Modification of the amount of child support or cash medical support owing by, or due to, you
  • Modification of child support awards to ensure that children between the ages of 18 and 21 regularly attending school as defined by Oregon Law received direct payments of child support.
  • Modification of living arrangements and custody of your minor children
  • Modification of the parenting plan outlining your time with your children

Oregon law allows for modifications to certain orders after a significant change in circumstances occurs. Eugene Oregon Child support modifications and spousal support are determined based upon the parties’ earnings and, sometimes, extenuating circumstances affecting a person’s ability to pay. Long term loss of employment, illness, family emergencies and other issues can affect an individual’s income, making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to pay the required amounts. The recipient’s financial needs may also change requiring the modification of child or spousal support.

Child custody and parenting plans may also require modifications in the event of later major life changes for parents and children. The relocation of one parent may present the need for a change in their custody or parenting plans. A parent’s ability to care for the child or the needs of the child may later change.

If you have experienced a substantial change in your circumstances, Robert Naslund can explain your options, as well as prepare and proceed through the Court process.

No matter what your specific circumstances are, if you are interested in seeking a modification of a prior Judgment, you should contact our office for assistance.

Contact Robert Naslund today, one of the most trusted law firms Eugene Oregon has, for help with modifications!

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