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Do you need a Will?

If you have not already done so, preparation of a Will is a very important step to securing the transfer of your assets to those that you want to receive them upon your passing. Testamentary Trusts may be set up in a Will to provide for minors and those heirs who may have difficulty managing money or property.

Do you need to probate the Will of a Friend or Relative?

If a Decedent leaves a will and their property is not held jointly with other(s), their estate will need to be probated through Court proceedings in order to legally transfer their assets to intended beneficiaries. 

If a Decedent has no Will, Oregon law provides for distribution to spouses; children; parents or siblings. 

If a Decedent’s assets are held in a Trust providing for distribution of assets, Court proceedings may not be necessary.  Small Estates of real properties of less than $200,000 and personal property worth less than $75,000 may be passed on to heirs by one short document filed with the Court.

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