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Eugene Domestic Violence Attorney

Eugene Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence has become a frequent occurrence and involves physical or mental abuse by people who are in an intimate relationship together. Domestic violence can occur between couples who are living together or apart; married, divorced or separated.

Domestic violence can take a number of forms including verbal abuse, intimidation, emotional abuse, isolation, physical abuse, sexual abuse and denial of rights -- just to name a few. These types of environments can be very harmful to all involved parties -- especially children.

A restraining order is a legal order issued by the Oregon Court which requires one person to stop harming another. In cases of domestic violence, restraining orders can be issued against the abuser to prevent further instances of domestic violence from occurring. This process offers civil legal protection from domestic violence to people who have previously been victimized.

Several protective matters can result from placing a restraining order against a former abuser including:

  • Ordering the abuser not to threaten or hurt you;
  • Requiring that they leave a shared residence and preventing them from entering your personal residence, place of business or children’s schools.
  • Give one parent temporary custody of children and/or set a parenting schedule with the children

Robert Naslund assists clients facing a number of different family legal issues, including domestic violence and Restraining Orders.

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Restraining Orders

A Restraining Order (also known as a Family Abuse Prevention Act Order – “FAPA”) can be granted by a Court to a person alleging that they have been domestically abused by another person with whom they are in an intimate relationship with such as are living together; married; separated or divorced.

The order is obtained from the Court; served on the accused, who may, thereafter, file a Request for a Court hearing to contest the Order, or any aspect of the Order which may include custody of children; parenting conditions; no contact orders; the requirement of a person to leave the home and restricting contact with the protected person.

Violation of a Restraining Order most often results in instant incarceration of the accused; more involvement by the Court and consequences concerning custody of children; possession of firearms and violence counseling, just to name a few.

Restraining Orders remain in effect for one year after they are obtained and can be extended for additional year(s), upon further Order of the Court. If a restraining order is issued against you in response to a domestic violence accusation, your life could be greatly affected.

We can assist you in challenging or modifying Restraining Orders and also advise as to their consequences to you and to others.

In these situations, you will need advice and representation from qualified and experienced family law attorneys Eugene.

For help with Restraining Orders, contact Robert K. Naslund.

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