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If you are considering filing for divorce, or have been served papers by your spouse, you will typically need to involve a Eugene divorce attorney. The decision you must make may have significant impact on the outcome of your case. At the Law Office of Robert K. Naslund, divorce attorney Eugene, we welcome you to contact us to schedule a confidential consultation for an honest evaluation and guidance regarding your case. We are experienced, compassionate and dedicated to providing clients with information to help guide them toward the right choices for their unique needs and concerns. With the help and legal guidance of an experienced attorney, you will reduce a substantial amount of the uncertainty and stress that typically accompanies the legal divorce process.

Ending your marriage impacts you from personal, legal and financial standpoints. Because sensitive issues must be addressed, it is common for disagreements to arise that require immediate attention in order to be resolved. A competent Eugene divorce Attorney can help you and fully explain your legal options; prepare your case; file initiating papers and proceed through every aspect of the matter to trial, if necessary, to determine fair results for you and your family.

The Divorce Process

In Lane County, the divorce procedure can take six months or longer to complete if litigation is necessary. Parties proceeding through divorces will be likely faced with very emotional decisions as well as legal issues.

Every divorce encompasses different issues. The most common of which are child custody; child support and parenting time; spousal support; property, business and retirement division, as well as the division of marital homes.

In some divorces, the parties are able to reach an agreement as to certain issues. However, other issues may require Arbitration and/or Court proceedings for resolution.

Whatever issues you are facing, Robert Naslund, divorce attorney Eugene Oregon, will provide you with strong legal skills to help you in court and advise you each step along the way.


Experienced & Dedicated Divorce Lawyer Eugene Oregon

If you are contemplating filing divorce in Lane County, Oregon, have been served with papers filed by your spouse, or just want to learn about your rights, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Robert Naslund can advise you regarding the various aspects of your divorce.

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