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Child Custody Lawyers in Eugene Oregon

Whether you are proceeding through the dissolution of your marriage; have questions about child custody or are trying to obtain custody of your children, Eugene custody attorney, Robert Naslund can work with you in an effort to obtain the results you seek. We provide representation to parents for child custody issues throughout the Eugene area and all of Lane County Oregon.

The best interest of your child(ren) will be considered in determining child custody arrangement. There are many different factors when deciding custody including the emotional ties between the child(ren) and other family members; the ability of each parent to properly care for and nurture the child(ren) and the willingness and ability of each parent to facilitate and encourage a continuing relationship between the other parent and the child(ren).

Oregon Courts ensure that a child maintains relationships with both parents, unless doing so would be considered a danger to their welfare. Parenting Time schedules are traditionally provided to the parent who is not given legal custody of the child and typically include periods of weekday, weekend and holiday time as well as telephone and electronic communication.

Eugene Custody Attorney

Whether you are seeking Paternity and Custody of your child; proceeding through a divorce, modifying an existing Judgment or you simply wish to have a meaningful parenting relationship with your child, schedule an appointment to confer with Eugene attorney, Robert Naslund. Our firm is reliable, dependable and compassionate during your time of emotional turmoil.

Robert Naslund understands that nothing is more important to you than your child. He will advocate for you and your child’s best interest.

For help with child custody, contact Robert K. Naslund's Eugene Attorneys office today!

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